Our One Day Relaxation

My family last vacation were so terribleĀ :-), I was about 14 years old when my family, my friend family who is living in neighborhood and my relatives decided to go a resort a beautiful resort called us www.vgpgoldenbeachresort.com we were 10 of us travelling together, 4 from my family and 4 from my neighborhood and 2 of my relatives. We reached the resort at 3 pm, the people invited us warmly, we all were amazed by beauty of the resort which is marvelous and splendid to every pair of eyes truly a beautiful resort one of the best beach resort in ECR Chennai. Me and my father was taken to a green garden resort next to me was my mother and sister in a suite room, same with my neighbor family where male and female are separated. We all took rest for sometime and all gathered for evening coffee in a thatch restaurant nearby, we all had coffee which was nice and warm, then we all headed to the beach, One of the best sea view of bay of Bengal resort in injambakkam ECR, we spend all the evening there just sitting and chatting with all the people and enjoy the nature, playing with the mud and water there, we really enjoyed. We headed back to the resort at 7.30, we females saw the ad of spa we decided to spend the time in there, So I am ready and waiting eagerly, my mom is terrified like how its going to be, she was tensed, I made her comfortable by choosing what kind of massage would suit her, then i choose for a normal massage, we headed to a separate room where we invited by a young lady she really took care of me very well with the sea view from there its really a blissful thing with massage. same happened to my mom, She was happy. We went to the room and seeing our face shining all the male had their ego going up. Then we assured them male can have tomorrow noon. they agreed. We ordered food and my father enjoyed beer with little bit anger from my mom. we slept in a nice cushy bed for the first time, nice and warm sleeeeeeeep. Next day early morning we went to the beach to enjoy the sunrise, one of the best beach resort in Ecr. wow the sunrise scene was amazing everyone should watch these scene at least once in their life in the calm morning. Then we headed to the swimming pool, only few resorts has swimming pool in ecr, we enjoyed the swim, its nice that they have separate pool for kids and adults. We had our morning food and headed to a beach house in ecr, where we all discussed shared chatted argued cried laughed danced at the end we all felt relaxed and peaceful thanks to vgp resort ecr. Now Its time for the male to relax in spa. They also enjoyed felt relaxed. Yeah! thank you VGP for the hospitality, One of the best budget resort in ECR for daily rent in injambakkam Chennai. Kindly spend your weekend like this in a resort with your family and friends, they also have swimming pool, children’s play area, Outdoor sports, sports complex etc for you to enjoy completely. best budget beach resort for daily rent in Ecr Chennai for family.